Our History

Iron Workers Local Union No. 135 History

Ironworkers Local Union 135 was chartered September 12, 1912 in Galveston, Texas as Piledrivers and Wooden Bridgemen Local 135. In March 1913, Local 135 was granted the request by the International to have the charter include Bridge and Structural Iron Work. Wages at the time were at 62 and one-half cents per hour. Piledriving was at 40 cents per hour.
In the editorial page of The Bridgemen's Magazine it is written:
Welcome to the fold, Local 135,136,137 and 138. And we still grow. Neither opposition nor persecution can impede our upward and onward march to the cherished goal--good humane working conditions and complete recognition of our union.
January 24, 1916, Local 135 and Local 84 agreed to establish a jurisdictional line between the two locals. It was agreed that Galveston County and all work belonging to the trade would belong to the members of Local 135 and that all members of our Association working in Galveston County must transfer to Local 135.
On September 19, 1918 Local 59 (Dallas), Local 66 (San Antonio), Local 84 (Houston), Local 125 (Beaumont), Local 135 (Galveston), Local 174 (El Paso) & Local 213 (Orange) formed a State District Council and went on record before the 1918 Convention.
Local 135 starting operating upon a five-day week basis in September 1931.  
In September of 1956 the Local Unions agreed to new jurisdictional lines. For Local 135 the Jurisdiction included the southern part of Brazoria, all but the northwest corner of Galveston, the southeast tip of Harris and most of Chambers Counties.
In 1956 Local 135 started receiving .071/2 cents toward a welfare fund. That went to .121/2 cents in 1963.  In 1964 Local 135 started the Pension Fund with a .05 cent per hour contribution.  In 1967 the reciprocal agreement was announced by the International Association. Local 135 and the other Texas Locals were some of the first to adopt the reciprocal agreements to the benefit of the members who travel.
Local 135 purchased our present property in 1962 and erected our present building in 1965.
In May of 2004, Local 125, Beaumont was merged into Local 135 Galveston.  Effective the first day of July, 2007 the Ironworkers District Council of Texas and The District Council of the Mid-South States merged and was renamed the Ironworkers District Council of Texas and The Mid-South States.
Effective July 2009, The Local jurisdictions in Texas were aligned to full county lines.  Our present jurisdictional lines were drawn which consist of 16 counties.

To be continued.........